GKN Aerospace Signs Titanium Engine Components Deal with Kawasaki Heavy Industries

GKN Aerospace has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Kawasaki Heavy Industries to supply titanium engine components. This multi-million dollar deal is considered a long term agreement (or LTA for short).

The titanium engine components to be supplied include those that will go onto the PW1100G-JM and PW1400G-JM Geared Turbofan™ (GTF) engines.

The production period that the contract covers is going to last until 2028. The first deliveries are estimated to occur by the end of this year.

Trollhättan, Sweden is where GKN Aerospace has a facility that will manufacture these titanium parts. The facility is called Aerospace Engine Systems (or AES for short). This manufacturing facility has very stringent and rigorous standards that are required to be met in order to make the titanium.

Akio Onzuka, the Senior Manager Procurement Department of Gas Turbine Division – KHI, is pleased to have this deal go through:

We are pleased to complete this long term agreement with GKN Aerospace covering these key low pressure compressor components for the PW1100G-JM and PW1400G-JM engine programs. This agreement allows the companies to work closely together over the long term to extend the support we offer our customers. The agreement also allows KHI to draw on GKN Aerospace’s technological expertise and track record in this area to minimize both risk and cost on these key programs.

Joakim Anderson, the General Manager of GKN Aerospace, also expressed his happiness with the deal:

This agreement establishes a long term relationship with KHI, an important new customer for us, and increases our footprint and visibility in Japan, which is a key future market. We are already closely involved with Pratt & Whitney’s GTF engine programs and are a Risk and Revenue Sharing Partner (RRSP) on both these engines. As a result we are able to supply KHI from a sound base of proven technology and certified parts which lowers any risk, streamlines development and contains costs - and with all our processes, technologies and manufacturing skills based in-house, we can also meet demanding OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) production schedules.

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