Harris Corp. Achieves Milestones for F-35 Avionics

Posted on April 21, 2017 Jacob Luiz

Harris Corp. an American technology company has succeeded in major expense savings and delivery milestones for avionics supporting the F-35 Lightning II, the Melbourne, Fla.-based aerospace producer noted this week. Since the commencement of the F-35 program, Harris has worked with engineering partners to deliver more than 780,000 items with 99.8 percent on time precision, which includes vibration secluded and liquid cooled avionics racks, power supplies for all aircraft mission systems, network boundary units that allow fiber optic data communication among mission subsystems within the entire aircraft, phased array antennas and data links that guarantee encoded and secure communication among the aircraft, and lightweight air-filled carriage and release racks that support the aircraft’s low visible profile. Harris is a great company and here at ASAP Aerospace we do a lot of business with them because they are always on time and reliable.

Right from the first deliveries of avionics system, Harris has applied affordability enterprises that have reduced the avionics ship set cost for each aircraft by 64 percent. I love to get low prices, so I can give customers a better price and Harris does great at giving us low prices. Harris has also provided sectional components and common parts to 21 other F-35 contractors ensuing in more than $750 million in expense savings over the existence of the production program. As part of every individual aircraft, Harris delivers more than 1,500 module components, 58 network interface units, 21 power supplies, 7 integrated racks, 6 advanced antenna arrays, and 3 antenna interface units. Harris is a great one stop shop and has a lot of stock and low prices.

At ASAP Aerospace, we are great at knowing about new projects that are being started because that’s how we get a great amount of orders. We like to know exactly what is going on when a customer calls, so customers know they can trust us because we are knowledgeable of the parts and projects going on. So that we can have stock available for these customers and give them a low price since we will be buying at a large quantity. Also check our military aircraft and helicopter parts catalogue


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