How Blockchain Technology Can Improve The Airline Industry

Blockchain Technology is a public ledger of all bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed. They are growing as a company and are constantly on the rise for growing they have new set of recording every once in a while, that are added in chronological order. The blockchain have completed information about the addresses and the balances of the completed block. It has been recently announced that they can improve the airline industry. in which most people know the airline industry is already a data intensive industry. they have complex procedures and requirements. They have alt to gain from aligning with blockchain technology.

For starters they can provide scared ledgers that decentralize reconciliation based process and this is a pretty good deal and point within the field. Even though it is known that many of the travel industries do not just rely on one touchpoint. They instead rely on a variety such as booking, government agencies, airlines, car rental agencies, and many more.

All this is behind the scene most of the time. and blockchain has been helpful for enhancing the reconciliation and data sharing process. The blockchain can have a lot of benefits that many are not aware of. Such as enabling tickets to be sold by differed people and partners from any location. Also, loyalty can be a big advantage. Meaning travelers would be able to use their loyalty point immediately which can make the process much more efficient and can help build the idea of excellent customer service. It can also be beneficial for security and identify purposes. The security implications would be much more efficient and safer to manage last but not lease the maintenance the Blockchain technology can provide is exceptional. It will be ensuring of the legitimacy of the any parts which will make is much safer to travel.

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September 18, 2018

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