Latest Innovations Underway Plan To Take The Aerospace Industry To The Next Level

Avionics Magazine has created a top 10 lists for latest innovations that have been started to revolutionize the aerospace industry in the following years.

(1)    The barriers to be able to travel to airspace are slowly being decreased by the FAA as their goal is to be able to put aircrafts into the oceanic airspace sooner than possible. They plan to do this by placing a ADS-B satellite that can detect the location of the aircraft while in space.

(2)    The Electric Hybrid Aircraft is a innovation within its self the being optimized with Airbus’ “E-Fan “technology. The aircraft is being able to prove that the future of aircrafts can be converted to electric hybrid propulsion aircraft technology.

(3)    The Autonomous taxi was one step closer to a self-flying aircraft. The features that it would require would be visual sensors, the aircrafts data, ADS-B information, and the Traffic Collusion Avoidance System (TCAS)

(4)    Currently under development by Lockheed’s Martins “Skunk Works division” belonging to The Air force have finalized a prototype of the F-16 aircraft. The F-16 would be unmanned combat aircraft that’s primary missions are air-to -ground tasks.

(5)    The enhancement of air to ground communication would be bettered by the completion of the Internet protocol Suite.

(6)    The New innovative (IPv6) would allow more internet users along with the upgraded and lengthen IPv6 addresses to be increased to 128 bits long.

(7)    Well underway under development of Honeywell, the creation of a “predictive software and cockpit display technology “ is to transform the way aircrafts fly faster than the speed of sound.

(8)   Airborne Wireless Network believe to use already aired aircraft as communications devices and have already been granted the experimental operation certification to go forth with the project.

(9)    Honeywell hopes in time to provide flight controls with solely human brain waves wearing a censored head gear.

(10)Aurora Flight Sciences is a company that is participating in a prototype that has placed a robot in the aircraft cockpit. Slowly replacing the manned aircrafts to the unmanned would be the ultimate goal for this project.

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