Lockheed Martin Wins $4.6m Vector Hawk Maritime Canister-Launched SUAS Contract

Posted on November 10, 2015 Jacob Luiz

Lockheed Martin was awarded a $4.6 million contract for the continued development of a maritime canister-launched small Unmanned Aircraft System.

We are proud to deliver Vector Hawk, a waterproof system that provides leading edge multi-mission capabilities in all environments, said Kevin Westfall, director of Unmanned Solutions at Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems and Training business.

The Vector Hawk designs include a fixed-wing aircraft for standard and long endurance missions and a collapsible fixed-wing aircraft that can be launched from a tube from land or water. Also, it has a tilt-rotor enabling vertical take-off and landing with transition to forward flight.

Designed for versatility and affordability, the new Lockheed Martin Vector Hawk addresses a broad set of unique missions and operating needs within a single system. With a gross takeoff weight of only four pounds and a vertical profile of only four inches, Vector Hawk boasts best-in-class payload capacity, speed and endurance. Vector Hawk features fully autonomous flight, landing and fail-safes. It is inaudible at operational slant ranges. The data link features a high bandwidth software defined radio, mesh networking (including 3G, 4G, and LTE cellular), over-the-air reconfiguration, and is capable of employing a variety of waveforms. With an open architecture, reconfigurable variants, adaptable data link, and scalable payload, Vector Hawk is engineered for unmatched capability.

Lockheed Martin sUAS’ have operated tens of thousands of hours over combat theaters worldwide. Our Group 1 and 3 unmanned systems build upon technological advancements in autonomy demonstrated on Persistent Threat Detection Systems aerostats and K-MAX. Accompanying the sUAS platforms are Lockheed Martin’s autopilot and payload technologies, along with superior ground control stations and software.

We are extending our sUAS capabilities to tactical maritime users with the Vector Hawk’s innovative canister deployment and launch ability, said Jay McConville, Lockheed Martin director of business development for Unmanned Solutions.

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