Marotta Controls Strikes Deal with Denel Dynamics

Marotta Controls has landed an international partnership with South Africa’s Denel Dynamics for their supply of cooling systems for infrared missile seekers.

Marotta’s MPACT pure air compression technology is used to cool the new A-Darter short range air-to-air missile (SRAAM). According to this agreement, Marotta will both develop and produce units of MPACT pure air compression technology. It is claimed to be a minimal-risk solution for cooling infrared missile seekers.

Marcus de Jonge, Denel Dynamics A-Darter Missile program manager, expressed his happiness with the quality of the product, "The Marotta Controls MPACT is a significant addition to the A-Darter Missile System Solution. It provides improved operational performance, including unlimited mission time for the A-Darter missile, and greatly enhances the deployability of the missile system with significantly reduced life cycle costs."

The way the system works is by providing a continuous flow of pure, dry air to cool the missile seeker. Since the air is dry, there is almost no moisture or any other impurities. This reduces the chance of freezing or fouling the seeker, and in turn increases the efficiency of the missile and combat readiness.

The missile can find a target via the aircraft’s radar, helmet sighting system, or its own effective autonomous scan feature.

Marotta Controls believes this agreement gives a big boost to their credibility. Business development senior vice-president and chief sales officer Michael Leahan said, "Adding a prestigious international customer such as Denel Dynamics to our client roster validates our commitment and ability to support advanced weapon systems globally."

Some other important qualities of MPACT are its increased seeker efficiency, improved seeker reliability, reduced maintenance and downtime, minimized life cycle costs, and enhanced operational readiness. Features of it include:

  • Four-stage single or double micro compressor
  • Operating pressure: 3,050 psi
  • DC brushless sensorless controller
  • Single phase, 115 VAC
  • Qualified software
  • System power consumption; up to 290 VA

Ground testing of development units is already underway, and flight testing will follow in 2016.

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