Sierra Nevada’s Gorgon Stare System Offers Game-Changing Aerial Surveillance

Gorgon Stare, a remote-controlled, aircraft-based persistent wide area airborne surveillance (WAAS) system developed by Sierra Nevada has received operational clearance from the United States Air Force. Gorgon Stare is a spherical array of nine cameras installed onboard the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) that provides real-time situational awareness for both soldiers and commanders involved in large scale operations. The upgraded system, known as Increment 2, provides a four-fold increase in area coverage and a two-fold improvement in resolution compared to its predecessor, the Increment 1. The Gorgon Stare Increment 2 is considered to be one of the most advanced forms of Wide Area Aerial Surveillance to date and its 368 cameras allow a surveillance area of 40 square miles. Sierra Nevada ISR Persistent Surveillance Systems business area vice-president Dave Bullock said in a statement that "the Increment 2 system will make a significant contribution to preserving the lives of our deployed troops." Increment 2 also incorporates an electro-optical sensor derived from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and BAE Systems' Argus technology, and an infrared sensor manufactured by Exelis. Headquartered in Sparks, Nevada, the Sierra Nevada Corporation is an American privately-held electronic systems provider and systems integrator specializing in microsatellites, energy, telemedicine, nanotechnology, and commercial orbital transportation services. The Sierra Nevada Company employs over 3000 people. SNC operates six different business areas, and works out of 31 locations in 17 states along with numerous customer support sites located throughout the world. Via our proprietary website ASAP Aerospace, ASAP Semiconductor is a leading supplier of Sierra Nevada products. Prospective customers can browse our inclusive inventory of hard-to-find obsolete and current Sierra Nevada parts at If you are interested in a part, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff at or 1-714-705-4780 for a quote.


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