The Safety Benefits of Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter refers to the renting of an entire aircraft rather than purchasing a seat on a commercial airline. While it is typically associated with upper-class luxury, there is another benefit some might not think of safety. While the aviation industry as a whole is exceedingly safe, there are certain factors that make private charter flight that much safer. This blog will list each reason and provide insight into their benefits.

The first benefit of private flight is that every passenger is vetted. Before a normal charter flight, the prospective passenger provides only basic information about themselves. However, ahead of a private flight, your broker receives a much more detailed look at who will be on the aircraft. In most cases, everyone on the flight will be familiar with each other whether they’re family, friends, or business associates. This means everyone involved has an understanding of the risks everyone on board poses - typically zero. 

Another benefit is private flight is the inevitable familiarity between you and your crew. Before each flight, you will receive the name and resume of your pilot, as well as an itinerary that includes the names of the crew that will be serving you. These private jet crews are vetted by professionals employed by the charter service and frequent private jet travelers will often fly with the same pilots and flight attendants many times.

The third benefit of private charter flight is that there are far fewer incidents than you would expect. There is a common preconceived notion that private jets are inherently more dangerous than large, commercial airlines. This is far from the truth, and there is a reason this idea is in many people’s heads. The reason is that incidents on private jets are often more heavily-reported due to the fact that, in general, more high-profile people use private charters. Because of this, any incidents that take place are more likely to affect someone in the public eye. Incidents that occur on commercial jets with no celebrities aboard are often forgotten as quickly as they happen. The same can not be said for private charters.

The final safety benefit of private charters is the rigorous third-party safety checks they undergo. Private jet brokers, partly due to the aforementioned private jet stigma, make it a priority to ensure each customer of the safety of their aircraf, passengers, and crew, taking painstaking measures to do so. One of the ways this is done is through the use of several third-party auditors that verify that the safety of the aircraft and all those aboard is never compromised. Some of the companies and entities private jet charters work with to do this include Better Business Bureau, The Air Charter Association of North America, National Business Aviation Association, European Business Aviation Association, and many more.

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