What Are Self-Piercing Rivets and How Do They Work?

Posted on June 8, 2022 Jacob Luiz

Aircraft rely on a variety of fasteners to hold different parts together and in place during flight, including bolts, screws, and other threaded fasteners; however, many aircraft also rely on rivets as a vibration-proof alternative to fasteners. Rivets create secure attachments by piercing through the surface of a part or multiple parts being held together, similar to a screw with a smooth, rather than threaded, surface. In this blog, we will look specifically at a type of rivet known as a self-piercing rivet and how they function to create a steady hold for various aviation applications.

Unlike other rivet designs, self-piercing rivets do not require a precut hole; instead, they are often sold alongside sheet metal and can be used to pierce through multiple pieces of material to create a secure hold. When using rivets to secure a specific item, sheet metal is first placed over the surface of the item needing to be joined. Then, all components must be placed between a punch and die set which works to create the force necessary to push the rivet through all underlying surfaces. During this process, the die goes underneath the rivet, while the punch is on top of the rivet so that it can press down and force the rivet through the metal, effectively securing all   items in place. Of course, the rivet must stay put and not come loose from the hole it has created, which is why self-piercing rivets have the unique ability to expand after exiting the last piece of sheet metal it pierces. Its sides expand around the back of the sheet metal; thus, they are prevented from slipping through the hole.

In comparison to other rivets, self-piercing rivets are the only design that can pierce through sheet metal on their own. Meaning, traditional rivets differ in that they must go through prefabricated holes in sheet metal prior to insertion. The benefit of self-piercing rivets is that they eliminate this process, so long as you have access to a die and punch set, making them a quick and easy-to-install fastener in comparison to traditional rivets.

When securing items in your aircraft prior to flight, it is important that you can rely on your fasteners to hold everything together and in place. This means purchasing the best fastener option for your specific needs. Whether you require self-piercing rivets, traditional rivets, or other aircraft parts, ASAP Aerospace is a leading distributor of these and other fasteners with an inventory of over 2 billion new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find items. We invite you to browse our catalog of self-piercing rivets and other premium parts for all of your aerospace and defense applications.

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