What Is A Drone?

Drones, formerly known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, have been present as far back as the 1800s when its primitive model was unveiled in the form of a balloon carrier. In this decade, drones have become widely known and coveted because of the many uses that it can achieve. From wildlife surveying to military operations, a drone can be useful in just about every field and industry. Below, find a brief description of the many drones types there are and the purposes they serve.

Search and Rescue: When a person goes missing, drones are often used to survey the areas where the missing person was last suspected to have been in. Drones are used to search for clues, as well as the person themselves. Drones are especially useful for areas that are difficult for people to cover, such as mountain ranges, wide spans of fields, and forests.

Science & Research- Drones can be especially useful for scientists and researchers needing to collect data. They have been used to help scientists observe different occurrences in nature or a particular environment from the sky. For example, drones are used to document archaeological excavations, measure contamination at nuclear accidents, observe volcanic eruptions, etc.

Unmanned Cargo System – Drones also serve in delivering lightweight packages and bundles of other shipments. People use drones in this way so that they can guarantee a safe, environmentally friendly and fast transport of goods by air.

Aerial Photography & Video: Many civilians like to use drones for recreational purposes, oftentimes by attaching a camera to the drone so that it can capture images and video otherwise difficult or impossible for one person alone to capture. With a drone that is equipped with an HD camera, you can collect superior footage of events or natural phenomena, while also  building up a creative portfolio.

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December 5, 2022

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