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FSG 29 Engine Accessories

A National Stock Number (NSN) or NATO Stock Number is a 13-digit classification number assigned for parts that are used or have been used in the federal supply chain. The Defense Logistics Agency, an agency within the US Department of Defense, is responsible for all the logistics pertaining to US military branches and US armed forces around the globe. This agency is also tasked with assigning as well as regulating National Stock Numbers. Every National Stock Number consists of several subgroups which further define each specific commodity, starting with the first 4 digits, which is the Federal Supply Classification Group (FSCG). This FSCG is sub-classified into a 2-digit Federal Supply Group (FSG) and a 2-digit Federal Supply Code (FSC), which is more specific. The 9 digits that follow are called the NIIN, or National Item Identification Number. This 9-digit number consists of a 2 digit NCB (National Codification Bureau) and a unique 7-digit item identifying number. The NCB designates the country that was the first to classify the item.

ASAP Semiconductor is an ISO 9001-2008 certified and ASA 100 accredited distributor of spare parts for commercial, civil, and military aerospace markets. One of our core competencies is in supplying National Stock Number parts, with an inventory that encompasses over thirty FSGs as well as hundreds of FSCs. Some manufacturer products pertaining to FSG 29 (Engine Accessories) that we carry, in particular, are listed below:

Through our proprietary website ASAP-Aerospace, we list a comprehensive inventory of NSN parts that fall under the category of FSG 29. If you have a requirement for any of these parts, contact us today for assistance.

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