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FSG 30 Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment

Due to the vast amount of parts and other goods used in the federal supply chain, it is necessary to have a classification system in place in order to keep track of all parts that are used or have been used or procured by the US government. This number is known as a National Stock Number (NSN) in the United States, or a NATO Stock Number internationally. The NSN is a unique 13-digit number assigned to each part that designates particular pieces of information. The 13-digit number is composed a 4-digit Federal Supply Classification Group, which is further subcategorized by a 2-digit Federal Supply Group (FSG) and a 2-digit Federal Supply Code (FSC), and a 9-digit NIIN. The NIIN includes a 2-digit NCB (National Codification Bureau) and a unique 7-digit item number.

At ASAP Semiconductor, we specialize in supplying National Stock Number parts for all types of applications in the commercial, civil, and military markets. We work to stock a comprehensive inventory that includes parts in over thirty FSGs and hundreds of FSCs. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified and ASA 100 accredited distributor, we understand the importance of being well-informed about NSNs and FSGs. One such Federal Supply Group we stock is FSG 30 (Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment). The subcategories are as follows:

The above list includes just a few of the many manufacturer names we carry. Through our proprietary website ASAP-Aerospace, we list a comprehensive inventory of parts that can meet your requirement. If you have an immediate need for any parts in the aforementioned categories, contact us today for assistance.