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Eads Casa Aerospace Parts List

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, EADS CASA (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company and Construcciones Aeronauticas SA) is a Spanish aircraft manufacturer. Established in 1999, EADS CASA operated as Airbus Military from 2009-2013, and has since been merged with European satellite consortium Astrium and Cassidian to form Airbus Defense & Space.

EADS CASA's portfolio of products includes the following aircraft's:

  • CASA C-212 Aviocar: 2 Honeywell/Allied Signal TPE-331-12 JR-701 C turboprop engines fly the C-212 STOL medium transport aircraft. Originally produced for the Spanish Air Force in 1974, the C-212's primary operators now include the Indonesian Armed Forces, Royal Saudi Air Force, and Portuguese Air Force. It can fit 25 personnel, and can be configured for Medevac operations. Its external dimensions (length x height x wingspan) run 53 ft x 21 ft 7 in x 66 ft 6 in. As of the end of 2013, there are 267 C-212s in operation-with 478 total orders and 477 total deliveries.
  • CASA/IPTN CN-235: The General Electric CT7-9C3 engine powers the medium-range twin-engine CN-235 transport plane. Its primary users are the Spanish Air Force, Indonesian Air Force, Turkish Air Force, Irish Air Corps, Republic of Korea Air Force and French Air Force. There are 235 units in operation-with 282 total orders and 275 total deliveries.
  • EADS CASA HC-144 Ocean Sentry: Developed for the US Coast Guard to replace its fleet of Dassault HU-25 Guardian jets, the HC-144 has been performing search and rescue, reconnaissance, oil spill control, drug and migrant interdiction missions for the US Coast Guard since its introduction in 2008.
  • Eurofighter Typhoon: Comprising of the latest British, German, Italian, and Spanish technology in aerodynamics and avionics, the Eurofighter is Europe's largest military collaborative effort. Powered by two Eurojet EJ200 military turbofan engines, the stealth Eurofighter reaches speeds of Mach 2.0 whilst carrying up to 6 bombs and 6 missiles, a cannon, and a targeting pod. With just 15% of its surface being metal, the Eurofighter evades radar. There are 634 units in operation-with 1098 total orders and 887 total deliveries. The chief operators of the Eurojet include the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force, Germany's Luftwaffe, Italy's Aeronautica Militare, Spain's Ejercito del Aire, Austria's Luftstreitkrafte, and the Royal Saudi Air Force. EADS CASA has 14% work-share in the Eurofighter program-manufacturing the right wing and leading edge slats, and performing the final assembly for the Spanish Air Force's fleet.