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Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Aerospace Parts List

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Operating out of Stratford, Connecticut, Sikorsky Aircraft is a leading provider of commercial and military aircraft. Established in 1925 by a Ukrainian immigrant, Sikorsky now operates as part of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). It is estimated that Sikorsky helicopters have saved 2 million lives since executing the world's first helicopter rescue in 1944.

Sikorsky's manufacturing presence spans 5 continents. The company,s main assembly facilities are in the US and Mielec, Poland, with joint manufacturing operations in Turkey and Shanghai, China.

Sikorsky's portfolio of military aircraft includes the following:

  • BLACK HAWK Helicopter: Powered by GE Aviation's T700-GE-701D engine, the BLACK Hawk is the US Army's multi-mission helicopter of choice.
  • SEAHAWK Helicopter: With more than 600 units logging in over 2.5 million flight hours worldwide, the SEAHAWK is the US Navy's anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare helicopter of choice.
  • H-92 Helicopter: This model conducts combat search and rescue, medevac, and head of state missions globally.
  • CH-53 Helicopter: Designed to work on land or at sea, this heavy lift helicopter facilitates the Unites States Marine Corps' Sea Basing strategy.
  • SA-38B/SA2-37B Reconnaissance Fixed Wing Aircraft: Powered by Pratt & Whitney's PT6A-34A and Lycoming TIO-540 engines, these models with low operational noise are ideal for counter-terrorism, border patrol, and counter-drug missions.
  • H-3 Helicopters: First licensed to the US Navy in 1959, roughly 1,500 H-3 models have been produced to serve the US Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.
  • M28 Aircraft: This model is the Polish Air Force's choice for paradrop, medevac, and reconnaissance missions.
Sikorsky's offering of commercial aircraft includes the following:

  • S-76 Helicopter: Powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S engine
  • S-92 Helicopter: Powered by General Aviation's GE CT7-8A engine, the S-92 ably performs offshore oil transport, search and rescue, and executive transport.
  • M28 Aircraft: Configured with a rear cargo ramp and Pratt & Whitney's PT-6 engine, this commuter-class, multi-purpose short take-off can carry 19 passengers and take off and land on virtually any airstrip.
In 2014, Sikorsky reached a record backlog valued at more than US$15 billion, with sales at $6.3 billion.