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Military Aircraft Model Number MiG-27 Flogger D/J

Manufacturer : Mikoyan-Gurevich

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : Russia

Type : Single-seat ground-attack aircraft

Max Speed : 1,017 kt / 1,170 mph

Max Range : 1,080 km / 670 miles

Dimensions : Span 13.965 m / 45.9 ft length 16.7 m / 54.8 ft height 4.82 m / 14 ft 9.2 in

Weight : Max. Take-off 18,850 kg / 41.556 lb

Powerplant : One Soyuz (Tumanski) R-29B-300 turbojet rated at 77 kn (17,310 Ib) or 110kn (24,728 Ib) with afterburner

Armament : One internal gsh-23L 23-mm twin-barrel cannon in semi-conformal fuselage gondola, plus up to 3000 kg of ordnance, including UV-32-57 (57 mm) and S-8 (80 mm) rocket pods, KMG-U bomblet dispensers, free-fall bombs up to 500 kg, UPK-23-250 cannon pods, AS-7 Kerry asms and podded reconnaissance sensors.

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