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Military Aircraft Model Number OH-1

Manufacturer : Kawasaki

Category : Helicopters

Origin : Japan

Type : Two-seat light battle and surveillance helicopter

Max Speed : 168 mph/270 km/h

Max Range : 342 miles/550 km

Dimensions : Rotor diameter 38 ft 3 in/11.60 m, length 39 ft 4 in/12.0 m, height 12 ft 6 in/3.80 m

Weight : Empty weight 5,401 lbs/2,450 kg, maximum take-off weight 8,818 lbs/4,000 kg

Powerplant : Two Mitsubishi TS1-10 gas turbine engines each with 888 SHP performance

Armament : Four short-range Toshiba Type 91 air-to-air infrared missiles on two pylons on the sides of the fuselage as well as two additional stations for additional weapons.

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