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Military Aircraft Model Number Sea Harrier

Manufacturer : British Aerospace

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : Uk

Type : Shipborne multi-role combat aircraft

Max Speed : 639 kt / 736 mph

Max Range : 1000 km / 620 miles

Dimensions : Span 7.70 m / 25ft 3 in length 14.17 m / 46 ft 6 in height 3.71 m / 12 ft 2 in

Weight : Empty 5,942 kg / 13,100 lb maximum take-off 11,884 kg / 26,200 lb

Powerplant : One 9752-kg (21,500-lb) dry thrust Rolls Royce Pegasus Mk 106 vectored-thrust turbofan

Armament : Two 30-mm Aden cannon, plus provision for 3629 kg (8,000 Ib) of stores carried on five pylons and including four AIM-120 AMRAAM or two AMRAAM and four Sidewinder aams, two Harpoon or Sea Eagle anti-ship missiles and a number of other advanced weapons to complement the types carried by the Sea Harrier FRS.Mk 1

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