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Military Aircraft Model Number Su-30 Flanker

Manufacturer : Sukhoi

Category : Fighter/Attack

Origin : Russia

Type : Two Seat long-range multi-role interceptor

Max Speed : 1,320 mph/2,125 km/h

Max Range : 1,864 miles/3,000 km

Dimensions : Span 48ft 3in/14.7m Length 72ft/21.9m Height 19ft 6in/5.9m

Weight : Maximum take-off 83,775 lb/38,000 kg

Powerplant : Thrust vectoring AL-31FP turbofans

Armament : Su-30 maximum load is 17,636lb/8,000kg. Typical armament comprises 10 aams, including a mix of up to 6 extended-range AA-10 Alamo and up to 6 R-73 close-air combat aams, with options of AA-12 Adder

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