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O Ring - Component Catalog

Part Family: Hardware

Manufacturers: O-Rings are manufactured by CFM International, Metco Manufacturing Company, Oerlikon Metco Us, American Honda Motor Co, and Espar Products Inc.

Functionality of O-Rings: Their function is as simple as their design, which serves to create a tight, leak-proof seal between two components. They are very similar to gaskets, although O-rings are normally used in higher-pressure environments where other seals would fail. O-rings work by sitting between two other pieces that will be connected. The O-ring lies in the connective joint between the two parts where, once under pressure, will shift around causing it to more tightly hold onto the inner and outer walls of the pieces it’s connecting. Despite being a very simple part, O-rings come in a variety of types and materials. Some of the materials they’re made from include rubber, nitrile, silicone, fluorocarbon elastomer, metal, stainless steel, and NBR, a type of elastomer.

FSG: O-Rings are categorized under FSG 53 - Hardware and Abrasives.

FSC: O-Rings are categorized under FSC 5331 - O-Ring

Common Applications: O-rings come in a variety of types and materials and thus have many applications. They are found throughout many different components of aviation machinery like gas turbine engines, hydraulic systems, fuel systems, braking and landing gear systems, and even space shuttle boosters. In engines, O-rings need to withstand many different temperature and pressure levels. Additionally, engines require O-rings to that can withstand the oil present in engines without corroding. Fluorosilicone is the seal material of choice in areas where jet fuel of present. The material is highly resistant to fuel and can seal from temperatures of -100F to 350F. Fluorosilicone O-rings have a prolonged seal life and reduce the need for engine service.

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O Ring Aerospace and Aviation parts

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