Aerovox Inc.: Electrostatic and Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Aerovox Inc. was founded in 1922 as Radiola Wireless Corporation manufacturing radios. Its current incarnation as Aerovox Inc. dates back to 1938 during which time it began selling capacitors—the product for which it is currently known. Currently headquartered in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the company specializes in producing electrostatic (film and paper) and aluminum electrolytic capacitors primarily for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the industrial, medical, and specialty industries.With a global manufacturing network (facilities located in China, India, and the United States) and ISO 9001-certified management system, the company’s capacitors undergo a rigorous computer-controlled testing process—accelerated life testing (ALT) programs total over 500 million component test hours per year. In 2001, Aerovox Inc. announced Chapter 11 bankruptcy and sold three units to Parallax Power Components LLC. The company is currently operating as a debtor-in-possession. 

Like batteries, capacitors store electrical energy, but unlike batteries, they cannot produce new electrons. They are also utilized to regulate the frequency, timing, and condition of electrical signals. Capacitors can discharge immediately whereas a battery needs up to a few minutes to dump its charge. Because of this property, one common application of capacitors is the electronic flash on cameras which requires instant lighting. Some common applications for Aerovox’s products include: air conditioning and heat pumps, flash lamps, strobe lights, emergency standby lights, and water/air purification systems. They offer the following categories of capacitors: axial leaded film (with metallized polyester and polypropylene), defibrillator, high voltage AC/DC film (for power electronics), lighting (for high intensity discharge (HID) and sign ballast lighting), microwave, motor run & general purpose, AeroPower™ power factor correction (single-phase and three-phase for high reliability) pulse & custom (for pulse, flash lamp, and lasers), and snubber (for insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power electronics applications). Additionally, Aerovox’s industrial capacitors boast ruggedization, high current capability, 100% electrical testing, high reliability, the ability to withstand waveforms with high harmonic content, low inductance capacitors (pulse applications) and low equivalent series resistance (ESR).

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