Barker & Williamson - HF Broadband Folded Dipole Antennas

Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, Barker & Williamson is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality radio products and accessories. Established in 1932, all Barker & Williamson products are proudly made in the United States of America. The company caters to both the civil and military markets with its range of antennas, masts, mounts, and coil products. Finding the proper HF (high-frequency) antenna is crucial for making reliable communication connections. Barker & Williamson’s MP (manpack) broadband folded dipole antennas provide forward radio units the high-frequency communications capability of a rear unit in one light, compact, and easily deployable set. The MP antenna weighs only 5 pounds, and a single person can set it up in 5 minutes. It comes in camouflage colors, too, such as forest green or sand. Though it is designed to operate NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) propagation from a 20-Watt field radio such as the PRC-150, Barker & Williamson’s MP antenna is also capable of fully automatic, low SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) from 1.6 to 30 Mhz without requiring an antenna tuner or coupler. To properly support an antenna, mast kits are needed. Barker & Williamson’s mast kits are designed with the soldier and battle environment in mind. Lightweight FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) composite material ensures that the mast kit is durable, resistant to rust, and will not degrade in UV (ultraviolet) light. Barker & Williamson’s mast kits come in the following families: MK114 Manpack, MK114 Tactical, MK114 NPS, MK112 HD Base, and MK112 HD Roof. Suitable for a variety of in-the-field missions, the mast kits are rapidly deployable, come in numerous configurations, and are mountable on rooftops, soft sand, or hard terrain. For amplification purposes, plate chokes are needed. Barker & Williamson’s 802 plate choke is engineered to provide series, parallel, or high voltage feed to final amplifiers. Wound tightly around a high-quality, grooved steatite rod, the 802 plate choke measures 5/8 inches in diameter and is 6 inches long. It handles a frequency range of 1.8 to 30 Mhz. For signal processing, inductors are needed. Barker & Wiliamson’s air wound inductors consist of tinned solid copper wiring coiled in a plastic, ribbed casing. The company offers two coil styles: Miniductors and Airdux TL. The Miniductors range is designed for lower power use (up to 150 Watts) and the ribs are flat, plastic strips. The Airdux TL range is engineered for higher power uses with resistance to high vibration. The ribs of the Airdux TL consist of polycarbonate round rods. Barker & Williamson is SVCH/REACH certified.


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