AS2 Supersonic Aircraft being built by Airbus and Aerion

Airbus and Aerion recently got the thumbs up on putting together a master piece known as the AS2 jet plane; traveling at supersonic speeds. The manufacturing location is not yet decided by Aerion and Airbus but is hoped by both companies to be established in the US according to Bloomberg Business. With estimated times for test flights and commercial traveling commencing in the year 2021 to 2023, this private jet is designed to have a 30 ft. cabin and feature wings that will reduce approximately 20 percent of drag.

Supersonic traveling will allow passengers to travel from place to place in record breaking times. In as little as 6 years with the AS2 Jet Plane, a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo would take an approximate 6 hours, oppose to a 13-hour direct flight. Its unique design allows the jet to move more efficiently and reduce drag by is narrow and futuristic dimensions.

Capacity:  Up to 12 passengers, Length: 170 feet, Wingspan: 61 feet, Height: 22 feet, Wing area 1,350 ft², Maximum speed Mach 1.5 (1,217 mph), Range: 4750 miles to 5300 miles. Design of this private jet will consist of various assemblymen. We see clear and achievable technical solutions to the design of a supersonic jet and a realistic road map for helping Aerion proceed toward construction and flight, said by Airbus’ senior vice president Ken McKenzie.

Airbus providing all major components and Aerion completing the final assembly; a company supported by billionaire Robert Bass. This project is anticipated to the reach the costs of 100 million US dollars.

In the US, the AS2 jet will be restricted to reach a various speed at a lower altitude due to restrictions on sound barriers. Maximum speed being 750 mph flying overland in civilian planes. Although it is not the first of its type, this is a new frontier in supersonic traveling. Airbus is experienced first handedly creating the Concorde Airliner and retiring it after 27 years of service.

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