First Gulfstream G600 Coming Together in Savannah

Back in October 2014, Gulfstream unveiled that they intend to produce a new business jet called the G600. Fast forward to 2016 and Gulfstream is now hard at work assembling the first G600 flight test airplane at their Savannah Georgia production facility.

The G600 is a completely new class of business jet from Gulfstream that will be among the first in company’s history to utilize fly-by-wire controls. Featuring new wings, engines, and airframe designs, the G600 takes business travel to new heights. The G600 can fly at a cruise speed of Mach 0.85 for 6,200 nautical miles or it can fly at Mach 0.90 for 4,800 nautical miles. Both estimates make the G600 faster and more fuel efficient than any other aircraft in its class. Additionally, its maximum cruise altitude is pegged at over 50,000 ft.

As for the G600 Cabin, it can be configured to accommodate up to four living spaces, and it is the only plane in its class capable of having a forward galley. Customers can also work with Gulfstream designers to fully customize each aspect of the cabin. Everything from bamboo flooring to fiber-optic lighting can be added inside the cabin.

Even the Flight Deck in the G600 features an innovative side-stick design

According to,
Active control sidesticks eliminate traditional pedestal-based yokes, creating more space and better comfort for pilots. Each sidestick mimics any movement the other pilot makes on his or her sidestick, providing another element of situational awareness from the visual and tactile cue of the other pilot’s actions.

It’s older brother the G500 has already conducted over 800 hours of test flights, and once G500 development is complete, Gulfstream can begin to commit more resources towards the completion of the G600 program.


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