Gulfstream Improves Paint Process with New 3-D Software

Gulfstream engineers have developed a way to enhance the quality of the design process. The integration of the new 3-D projection technology will ensure customers get exactly what they envision. This removes the need for a 2-D phase, which required engineers to first create a design on a flat surface. That process did not always deliver the same design intended to, as 2-D designs do not take into account the curved surfaces aircrafts have. That is what makes the addition of the new 3-D technology a revolutionary. The execution of the paint schemes is even better than the already state-of-the-art paining process. In addition, any changes in the design can take place in real time. This provides both technicians and customers with the knowledge of the design throughout the entire painting process, ensuring 100% satisfaction with the completed aircraft.

Accuracy is a key component of the 3-D projection technology. It gives engineers an edge during the execution process. The 3-D mapping software lets engineers know how to correctly shape each image to reflect it accurately on the surface. This software is based on another commercial 3-D software used in aircraft manufacturing- the Delta Sigma Co.’s Projection Works. This program is used to map out where fasteners and other connectors should be located in an aircraft.

The implementation of the new 3-D technology gives everyone exactly what is envisioned every step of the way and cuts the amount of anticipation in waiting for the final product. The execution of the paint schemes through the 3-D projection technology pioneered by Gulfstream is sure to lead other manufacturers to change the way they handle their printing process.

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