What Is The Role Of Harris Corporation In Global Communication?

Harris Corporation, an international telecommunications equipment company, generates approximately $5 billion in annual revenue. Their workforce of 14,000 employees consists of over 6,000 engineers and scientists that continue to drive innovation and develop new products. The company’s operations serve both commercial and government markets in over 125 countries. Over the years, Harris Corporation has found itself to be a non-expendable asset to the US government, as it has become one of the largest defense contractors in addition to its work in the commercial markets.
The company develops the antennas that enable stealth communication between fighter jets, such as the prized American F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning, which travel faster than the speed of sound. The company is also the largest supplier of tactical radios used in the field by both the US military and other NATO countries. In addition to the aforementioned fighter jets, Harris Corporation equipment is currently in use on essentially every major US fighter aircraft. Harris communication systems are also in use by over 400 US Navy ships.

Every manned space flight by NASA has involved the products made by Harris Corporation. Furthermore, the company also plays a major role in the commercial markets as previously mentioned. Their communication systems are used on more than 87,000 commercial flights. They also provide more commercial satellite bandwidth than any other company. The GOES-R Ground System allows for accurate weather forecasts around the world. Harris radios are used by police officers, fire fighters, and ambulances in public safety communications systems. The company, based in Florida, produces wireless equipment, electronic systems, and antennas for use on the ground and in space. Their customers are in the government, defense, and commercial sectors.The company is on the S&P 500 Component and is the largest private-sector employee with over 14,000 employees. They are also listed in the top 100 for federal contractors.


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