London is Expanding The International Heathrow Airport

Posted on November 21, 2016 Jacob Luiz

The United Kingdom government in hope of expanding the economy and ending the capacity shortage at one of the world’s busiest runways are deciding to expand the International Heathrow Airport with an extra runway. This will allow planes to come in and go faster than the rate they are at now. London Heathrow airport is considered one of the busiest airports in the world and deserves to have a large enough capacity. This investment is a promise to the United Kingdom that there will be a plan for the future in terms of economy and international tourism and trades.

UK approves Heathrow Airport Runway means that the United Kingdom is looking forward towards the future of the country’s economy and taking care of its people by creating more money and potential jobs. This project is estimated to generate about £61 billion and create about 80,000 new jobs over the next 2 decades. At the same time, the airport alone is going to generate over 5,000 new jobs in those two decades.

There has been some opposition to the third runway proposal and that people are worried from the noise and that there will be a lack of insulation towards that. Grayling has decided that they will conduct a full public discussion for people to discuss any issues that may arise from this project. This can help the proposal to proceed faster and without any opposition. The government has already discussed some terms with London Heathrow airport that there will be some restrictions on flight times and there might be a runway shutoff time during the late hours of the night. On top of that, the airport has proposed in providing funds for home insulations against noise from the new runway.


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