NASA Begins Conducting Tests to Possibly Better Unmanned Air Travel

NASA has begun testing their latest (UAS) unmanned aircraft system also known as drones. The UAS has been undergoing various test to be able be conducted far beyond the naked eye and adopted into the National Airspace system (NAS). The test became a part of research for NASA’s UAS traffic management and conducted by NASAs Safe Autonomous System Operation manager Parimal Kopardekar. The sole cause of the test formally known as the “out of sight “tests where to figure out and fix problems the drone might have once it is being conducted out of range of sight all while not endangering other aircrafts.

Two drones were placed at different altitudes and sights of their conductors all in the same airspace and attempted to go about a course unharmed. While the testing proceeded NASA and team had the supervision of the NASAs UTM program. This platform could obtain information of the UAS such as location and the distance to another aircraft (manned or unmanned) alongside any other possible hazard in the area.

One of the main contribution to the success of the drone was the UTM Technical Capability Level 2 (TCL2). This system was set up by equipping areal drone-tracking systems to the research platform, providing alerts for approaching drones and piloted aircraft (live or simulated), as well as providing information about weather and other hazards.”

Many of the tests went primarily well except for some applications that have been ceased by the FAA to be placed the drones due to lack of vision of the operator at long distances.

A variation of test has been planned all to be able to see the drones progress throughout the testing stages. Well on its way for the drone to be able to be flown in the everyday streets for various usage such as news gathering and package delivery, and will offer large-scale contingency mitigation.

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