What Makes Lycoming Pioneers Aircraft Engines Powerful, Durable, And Reliable?

Lycoming is a US based company that manufactures civilian aircraft engines. The company was founded in 1845, originally as a manufacturer of sewing machines. In the early 1880’s, the company was bought out by the Scofield Brothers and the factory moved to Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Citizens of the town invested about USD$100,000.00 into the factory which employed 250 people. The factory continued to manufacture sewing machines until the early 1900’s, when the Scofield Brothers diversified the product offerings. Lycoming moved onto producing automobile engines for another three decades before producing its first aviation engine in 1929. The nine-cylinder engine was named the R-680 radial, and was used widely in light aircraft, including Cord’s Travel Air. This engine was only fairly successful but it led to development of many other engines. The next several engine designs that Lycoming came to produce turned out to be failures.

At the end of World War II, Lycoming produced the largest aviation piston engine ever built, the R-7755. Although it was a successful engine and was even considered to be used on the B-36 bomber, Pratt & Whitney produced a better engine which was used instead. It was not until after World War II that Lycoming produced their T53 Turboshaft engine, which can still be found in aircrafts today. One of the more well-known aircrafts that this engine is used in is the Bell UH-1 helicopter, otherwise known as the “Huey”. Present day, the T55, a much larger engine, similar in overall design, is being manufactured by Honeywell Aerospace. The entire company of Lycoming was purchased by Textron in 1986.

The Lycoming Company was then later split up into several divisions and sold off. In 1994, Textron sold the Turbine Engine Division to AlliedSignal, who merged it with their Garrett Engine Division as part of AlliedSignal Aerospace. AlliedSignal Aerospace later became part of Honeywell Aerospace in 1999. Textron retained Lycoming’s piston engine production in Williamsport. We at ASAP-Aerospace fully support the past and present Lycoming engines. With capabilities of direct buy of Honeywell Aerospace products as well as the Textron Group products, ASAP-Aerospace has full capabilities of providing any part necessary to keep your engine running smoothly. ASAP-Aerospace also has information on older engines in order to provide in-depth knowledge of repairs and part supersedures. Please contact us directly for any of your Lycoming Engine needs.


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