Oxley – Lighting the Way for the Gulfstream G500 and G600

At the end of 2014, Oxley won the contract to provide all external lighting on the new Gulfstream G500 and G600. Oxley will be providing a revolutionary set of external LED lights for the executive jets. Current light systems use halogen bulbs. New LED lights will drastically improve reliability and reduce through-life costs. Standard halogen lights only have 25 hours of mean time between failures. New LED lights will operate for 27,000 hours MTBF while still meeting the 400,000cd required industry standard. The new lights will also reduce power consumption by more than 70%—to 115W from the average halogen power consumption of 450W. A dedicated team of mechanical, optical and electronics engineers employed by Oxley spent 3 years designing, prototyping, and testing the new technology.

The new lighting system meets all of the stringent Aerospace Environmental and EMC requirements. They are also qualified to RCTA DO-160G. Crucially, the landing light exceeds SAE ARP 693 performance specifications over a full standard aircraft temperature range of -55 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius. Smart Technology has been integrated into the system and provides both visible and discrete end of life feedback. Predictive maintenance is now possible to prevent unscheduled repairs which would otherwise prevent aircraft dispatch times. The software utilized is qualified to TRCS/DO-178B DAL C. The full suite of lights includes high intensity taxi lights and an ultra-low profile ground recognition light along with wheel well lights, ice inspection lights, logo lights, pylon lights, entry door lights, over/under wing emergency egress lights, and service panel lighting—all of which offer 30,000 hours MTBF.

Oxley specializes in LED lighting, night vision solutions, EMC filters, interconnect components and data capture products. They have a range of products for application in defense, aerospace, rail and telecommunication industries.  The company was founded in 1940 in Market Place, Ulverston, UK to produce capacitors for the military. Today, they provide a range of parts across the globe for multiple applications.

If you require Oxley aerospace or defense parts, ASAP Aerospace is your one-stop distribution center. A proprietary division of ASAP Semiconductor (a leading aerospace and electronics parts procurement resource), ASAP Aerospace specializes in both civil and military products. To browse our selection, visit www.asap-aerospace.com or contact us at sales@asap-aerospace.com for more information or to submit a quote.


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