Raytheon Integrates Talon LGRs onto UAE’s NIMR Vehicles

At the 2015 International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi, NIMR Automotive announced a joint development with Raytheon to fit Talon laser-guided rockets (LGRs) onto sixteen NIMR armored vehicles. In 2013, the Armed Forces General Headquarters of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) allocated a contract to Tawazun to purchase the Talon rockets. One year later, Raytheon was awarded USD$117 million for the rockets.

Through utilization of a semi-active laser guide, the Talon rocket does not require hardware or software modifications to the launcher. The laser is combined with an elevated sensor ball to fire 2.75-inch Hydra-70 unguided rockets. This allows for low-cost, accurate aiming while the vehicle is in motion. Previously, these laser-guided rockets were only found on helicopters and other aircrafts. Now, they will be used on NIMR six-wheeled vehicles, which already make use of Raytheon’s remote weapons station. These vehicles are six by six tactical machineries and fully support a variety of missions, such as defensive fire attack, infrastructure security, and border security. Primarily, this launcher is thought to be an efficient security measure in urban areas.

For more than ninety years, Raytheon has been a leading American defense contractor for aerospace and electronics technology. With more than 63,000 employees worldwide, annual revenues have reached approximately USD$25 billion, most of which has been allocated towards military applications, such as the Talon LRGs.

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