Saab Group Inks Deal With Brazilian Air Force

Saab Group, a Swedish aerospace and defense company and parent of the car manufacturer Saab Automobile, has just signed a deal worth an estimated $5.4 billion with the Brazilian government to supply its Air Force with the next-generation Gripen NG fighter. Under this new contract with the Brazilian Defense Ministry, the Saab Group will supply a total of 36 aircraft which include 28 single-seat and 8 two-seat aircraft, which will be delivered between 2019 through 2024. In addition, the company will have Brazil play a role in the development as well as production of the aircraft through a 10-year technology transfer with the Brazilian aerospace industry as part of the same contract. This is considered to be a big step for the Swedish company as Brazil is first launch customer of the Gripen NG aircraft outside of Sweden. The Gripen NG is a multi-role fighter aircraft that has been a staple of the Swedish air force. The aircraft is equipped with the latest technology in air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles. It is fully capable of performing attack as well as reconnaissance missions. The aircraft boasts a top speed of Mach 2 as well as fly-by-wire controls and a relaxed stability design. They are also used in the Czech Republic, Hungary, South Africa, and Thailand. Saab Group, as mentioned, is the parent company of Saab Automobile. The company was formed in a merger with Scania-Vabis. Saab Group is a publicly-traded company that generates revenue exceeding 24 billion Swiss Franks. It employs approximately 14,000 employees across its parent company and subsidiaries, Saab Aircraft Leasing and Sensis Corporation.

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