Sikorsky X2 Technology

The Sikorsky X2 is an experimental compound helicopter, designed and developed by Sikorsky Aircraft. The project began as a gathering of designs from various predecessor projects, aiming at achieving a high speed coaxial helicopter. In 2008, the X2 conducted its maiden flight, operating at Schweizer Aircraft’s New York facility. By 2009, the rotorcraft had achieved a fully engaged propeller flight, and phase three of testing was later finished in 2010. After conducting over 22 hours of flight across 23 test flights, the X2 was retired. Since then, the prototype has been developed into the Sikorsky S-97 Raider which serves as a high-speed scout and attack helicopter.

To achieve its flight capabilities, the Sikorsky X2 utilizes a single LHTEC T800-LHT-801 turboshaft engine capable of producing 1,800 horsepower to reach a maximum cruise speed of 248 knots. The fuel tank capacity of the experimental helicopter is 75 gallons, and this permits a travel range of 702 nautical miles with an average fuel economy equating to 9.36 nautical miles per gallon. In general, the aircraft crew would consist of two members for operation, and a maximum takeoff weight of approximately 6,000 pounds is permissible.

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