Types of Private Jets

While private jets have long been associated with wealthy, glamorous, high-society types, the truth is you don’t need to be a millionaire to fly private. As long as you know what aircraft is best suited to your travel needs, a private jet charter can be as cost-effective as it is convenient. Private jet aircraft can be broken up into six basic types. This blog will explain each type and what sets it apart from the others.

Very Light Jets
The first type of private jet, and the smallest of all, is known as the very light jet (VLJ). These are a relatively new addition to private aviation, offering an alternative to piston and turboprop aircraft. VLJs are cheaper to run and maintain than standard light jets, and while they don't offer the range of light jets, they often have similar top speeds and can offer the ability to land on short runways. This allows VLJs to fly into many areas that commercial airlines ignore. Examples of very light jets include the Embraer Phenom 100 and the Eclipse 500.

Light Jets
Light jets are similar to very light jets, but boast an increased passenger capacity and flight range. While most light jets don’t have the capacity for a full cabin crew, they will generally be able to seat up to eight passengers and feature an onboard lavatory. Despite their small size, many light jets can manage flight distances up to 2,500 miles and reach cruising speeds of over 500 miles per hour. Examples of light jets include the Bombardier Learjet 35 and the Cessna Citation II.

Mid-size Jets
Mid-size jets are a great option when light aircraft don’t have a sufficient range or passenger capacity. mid-size jets offer more amenities than light jets and can meet a wide range of requirements including range, speed, and comfort, making mid-size jets ideal for both short and long flights. One mid-size jet, the Hawker Beechcraft 900XP, can travel up to 3,200 miles at a cruise speed of roughly 530 miles per hour. The Cessna Citation Excel, one of the most popular mid-size jets in the world, can accommodate 11 passengers and fly up to 5,100 miles at a top speed of 494 miles per hour.

Super-mid-size Jets
Super-mid-size jets have more in common with heavy jets than normal mid-size jets. They comprise superior range, size, and added features compared to standard mid-size jets, but are relatively similar in terms of cost-efficiency. Common upgrades include onboard WiFi, a spacious cabin, improved avionics, and a more comfortable flight in general. One of the most popular super-mid-size jets is the Cessna Citation X.

Heavy Jets & Executive Airliners
The final two types of private jets, heavy jets & executive airliners, are the pinnacle of private jet charter. Heavy jets can travel much farther than mid-size jets and accommodate far more passengers. Examples of heavy jets include the Bombardier Global 5000 and the Gulfstream V. Executive airliners are the cream of the crop when it comes to private jets. In many ways, executive airliners have more in common with luxury apartments than aircraft. They feature amenities like full-size showers and spas, private suites, and more. Some executive airliners can seat up to 48 passengers. For private flight, you won’t have a better experience than on an executive airliner.

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December 5, 2022

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