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FSG 59 electrical and electronic equipment components

Customers of ASAP Semiconductor can find a catalogue of our extensive inventory of both in-production and obsolete parts via our proprietary website ASAP Aerospace. The industries ASAP Semiconductor serves-Aerospace, Aviation, Military and Defense-require a strict code of conducting business, developed by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

To regulate the procurement process, the U.S. Department of Defense established a system that distinctively and permanently identifies the items that it purchases. This system, called the National Stock Number (NSN), is made of 13 digits which are broken down into the 2 ensuing identifying subcategories:

  1. Federal Supply Classification Group - The first 4 digits of the NSN identifies the Federal Supply Class code (FSCG).
  2. National Item Identification Number - The last 9 digits of the NSN identifies the National Item Identification Number (NIIN).

For example, an existing resistor we supply at ASAP Semiconductor has a 13-digit NSN of 5905-00-001-2954. The FSCG is represented by 5905, and the NIIN by 000012594.

Continuing on, the FSCG and NIIN can be broken down even further into the following classifying subcategories:

  1. Federal Supply Group - The first 2 digits of the FSCG identifies the Federal Supply Group (FSG).
  2. Federal Supply Code - The last 2 digits of the FSCG identifies the Federal Supply Code (FSC).

For the above resistor, the FSG is represented by 59, and the FSC by 05.

  1. National Codification Bureau - The first 2 digits of the NIIN identifies the National Codification Bureau (NCB) or NATO country code.

  2. Item Serial Number - The last 7 digits of the NIIN is merely an item serial number that does not follow an assignment pattern.

For the above resistor, the NCB is represented by 00 (USA). One FSG we at ASAP Semiconductor stock is FSG 59 - Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components. Manufacturers for FSG 59 that we carry include: