Bombardier to Cut Jobs and Halt Learjet 85 Program

Bombardier Aerospace, the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world behind Boeing and Airbus, announced this month (January 2015) that it would be bringing its long-delayed Learjet 85 mid-sized business jet program to a complete halt due to extremely low market demand—an announcement that is a revision from the company’s already conservative market forecast.

As a result of the recent announcement, Bombardier will also be reducing its workforce at its Wichita and Queretaro, Mexico plants by a combined total of 1,000 jobs. Although Bombardier CEO Pierre Beaudoin indicated that the company will continue to keep tabs on the business jet market for any changes, the move comes amidst continued decline in demand for this light aircraft category.

The market decline can be attributed in part to the economic downturn that began in 2008 which has impacted aerospace margins even until now, in 2015. The move is not considered to be a surprise by any means and had been anticipated for quite some time now. Major facilities will continue assembly on Learjet 70 and 75 business jets, among others, but the same will not be said for the Learjet 85, at least not for now.

Bombardier Aerospace, a division of Bombardier Inc., competes with its Brazilian counterpart Embraer. Only Boeing and Airbus are larger aircraft manufacturers than Bombardier. Bombardier acquired Canadair in 1986, a struggling enterprise at the time, as well as Learjet Company in 1990, another near bankrupt company.

Since these divisions were restored to profitability, the aerospace division now accounts for over half the company’s revenue. Their most popular aircraft right now include their Dash 8 Series 400, CRJ 100/200/440, and CRJ700/900/1000. They are also responsible for the development and manufacturing of their Global Express and Challenger jet business series that have proven to be successful. For military purposes, Bombardier manufacturers the Bombardier 415, an amphibious water-bomber.

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