EASA Approves Airbus New Helicopter

Airbus Helicopters are the helicopter manufacturing division of Airbus group. It is one of the largest in terms of revenues and helicopter deliveries. They recently have announced their new modification by securing the Europeans Aviation Safety agency verification. Airbus helicopters has come up with a new Helionix equipped H135 light twin. This verification is for the new Helionix equipped H135 light twin. This modification has a lot of benefits. It includes a four-axis autopilot, where is it can be found in the airframes H145 medium twin. The head of the H135 programme Axel Humpert mentions that

The certification of the H135 with Helionix marks another milestone in the permanent evolution of this helicopter.

The EASA approve this new production which is a big accomplishment. It is a European Aviation safety agency. They offer a lot of services such as air traffic management, aircraft products, international cooperation general aviation, safety management and promotion, civil drones. They are one of the top. This is interesting because it Is an improvement to the current good quality Helicopter they already have. Airbus helicopters are always seeking to see what is the best and they always manage to figure out what is best.

Dobak, a Norway-based launch customers will get the first delivery of Helionic-equipped H135. The projected date to be delivered is early next year which is soon from now. This ables the UK armed forces to provide training. They will be the first US military customer.

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