Airbus Redesign Would Make Airplane Boarding Faster Than Ever

Airbus has been focusing on the loading of airplanes in order to achieve faster boarding. They have recently had an idea patented in which there would be a redesign to its airplane which would allow for passengers to be preloaded into a cabin. Once the passengers are preloaded into the cabin, the cabin is then lowered into the bed of a plane.

Here is the example that Rowley gives to provide a better understanding of this idea. Think of it like trucking, where the cargo is interchangeable - only the cargo is people and the truck is a commercial airplane.

This patent was filled on February 28th, 2013 in the United States Patent and Trademark Office as was published on November 24th, 2015. Although this idea is very revolutionary, it does not seem to be an idea that will materialize very soon.

Ars Technica UK has an opinion on the patent that can be considered.

Turnaround time is one of the main limiting factors on how many flights can be flown each day: if an airline could squeeze in another flight, or even just reduce the number of late-in-the-day flights being delayed that would be a huge deal.

Airbus was founded in December 18, 1970 in Blagnac, France with founders Roger Béteille, Henri Ziegler, and Bernard Lathière. They are known for their Airbus A320 model.


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