Mexican Navy Gets First Airbus AS565 MBe Panther Helicopter

Airbus Helicopters is working with the Mexican Navy. The Mexican Navy just received the first of ten AS565 MBe Panther helicopters. They are the first customer to receive this in history. They have been waiting and wanting it for a long time. They are going to have a lot of uses to this that will help the Mexican Navy. They are the first in the world to receive this new version. Many countries wanted it but Mexico paid for it in advance. They are still going to receive 3 unites before the end of the year and then they are going to receive the remaining six by 2018. Mexico Navy gave a lot of plans for these Helicopters. They really are going to take advantage of them and use them for good causes and reasoning. They’re going to take full advantage and use them to an extent. They will perform a range of missions including “search and rescue(SAR), disaster relief transportation and evacuation, drug enforcement and coastal protection”.

This new Helicopter provides more value. Because this Helicopter is equipped with two Saffron Ariel 2N engines that gives it the ability to better its performance in hot and high conditions. And because it produces a top speed 278 km/h it is proven to be more valuable to operators. It is more powerful and more efficient. This is all so a good Helicopter because it is more cost efficient. Mexico is actually saving money for using this Helicopter, even though it is costly now, but since they are the only ones that own it is allot more cost efficient. Especially for long term.

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