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Connector - Component Catalog

Part Family: Electronic Component

Manufacturer: Connectors are manufactured by Belden, Raytheon, Terex American Crane Corp, Motorola Solutions Inc, TE Connectivity Amp, Molex Incorporated, Samtec Inc, and Switchcraft Inc.

Functionality of Connectors: Electronic connectors are found in electrical circuits and are used to disrupt the electric flow in the circuit. They are electro-mechanical devices that are designed with the specific application in mind. Connectors can be either male or female depending on whether they have pins that protrude out (male connector) or have sockets built into their face (female connector). Two opposing connectors ‘mate’ to form a connection. The ultimate function of a connector is to connect a circuit together therefore allowing an electrical current to flow through the circuit. Most connectors are removable or temporary, which allows for the circuit to be adapted or changed depending on the system needs. Connectors typically feature two main parts: housing and terminals. The housing protects the terminal from the environmental hazards such as corrosion. The terminal is where the pins are located and is the point of connection.

FSG: Connectors are categorized under FSG 59: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

FSC: Connectors are categorized under FSC: 5935: Connectors, Electrical

Common Applications: Electrical connectors are used in a wide variety of applications including aerospace applications, military applications, medical equipment, and marine applications. They can be manufactured according to their application, varying in size, shape, durability, and insulation between pins. Audio connectors are used to connect one audio equipment to another for example in a telephone or microphone. Solenoid valve connectors are used to connect solenoid valves and pressure switches, a circuit that is found in the hydraulic systems of an aircraft. Circular connectors are multi-pin connectors primarily used for data transfer and electrical signal transmissions on an aircraft.

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