A New System For Air Traffic Improvements

A new system has been established to be able to improve traffic air flow. There have been many problems with air traffic and a lot of problems come because of the air traffic. There are many people that want to improve air traffic but it has been hard because the right technologies have not been provided. It took years of research for this new demonstration of new technology to take place. this new system is called a flight Deck interval management.

This system will have many benefits it first and most important, it will help air traffic to be more manageable. It will make it a lot safer for flights and will help shorten the time. especially between airplane landing on runways. There has been many problems especially with airplane landing so this will be the hopes to end it. even though this has not been tested, there is a plan for it to be tested very soon .

Sheri Brown, ATD-1 project manager at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia.

All the pilots that are going to be flying the FIM operations have gone through the training modules and simulations. The equipment is all set and we’re ready to go

this is important to know because this means that this will be something that all pilots will have to be familiar with and will have to understand its process, the whole intention of this program is to help airplanes spend less time in the air which makes it much more efficient for everyone even the customers and people that are travelling. This is especially a good program because it is easy to follow and is very simple. It is meant to make the process much easier. There will be many testings that will go through before finishing the last product and before finalizing the procedure. This plan is meant to be adjustable to different circumstances.


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