Going Green in the Aerospace Industry

It’s true that fossil fuels have created a change in history and without it; how we live today would have never happened this quickly. Fossil fuels made everything from transportation, manufacturing, Electricity to be available in the way it is available today and many more to happen. Aerospace and aviation are obviously a big user of fossil fuels and if it wasn’t for fossil fuels then the aerospace industry would have not been able to flourish the way it did for the past hundred years. Having said that; fossil fuels might be very important for the way we have grew globally in every aspect of life but it also has it’s cons due to carbon dioxide production as a bi-product of burning fossil fuels which is causing our atmosphere to heat up and it’s killing our ozone layer which is our protection from the sun rays.

Now and with all the discoveries and innovative minds of today we are trying to develop alternative ways to create green aviation technology, NASA is making it their business also to create green aviation engine technology and they have selected Pratt & Whitney American aerospace manufacturer for ultra-high bypass advanced nacelle technologies flight demonstration. NASA is already looking to integrate this technology for commercial transport and they are investing about $22 million over the next few years to get this project moving quickly and in a powerful way.

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