The Time Has Come for an Optionally Piloted Aircraft

There was a time when flying was just in the imagination of people’s minds, and many have tried to attempt to fly and failed. It wasn’t until the wright brothers put all their dedication and effort to invent and succeed the first prototype of an airplane. Since then airplanes have become a thing of the future, it allows us to travel thousands of miles in matters of hours when it used to take weeks and months to travel somewhere. Technology is another aspect that goes hand in hand with airplanes; the better technologically advanced we are then the better we can create solutions in the air. A simple example can be when the Global Positioning System, or GPS was invented it made flying much easier because the since of direction and the ability to derive the location of the airplane has become significantly easier. Pilots are no longer dependent on the stars to locate where they are, and if there is a bad weather causing low visibility then finding direction can be extremely difficult.

Stemme AG and S-Plane Automation have innovated the latest technology into an aircraft which now the aircraft can be optionally operated by a human being. What this means is that an entire airplane can operate automatically and proceed with takeoff and landing. Stemme AG and S-Plane Automation have agreed to build this technology into the ECARYS ES15 aircraft. It gives the option to the operator to fly manually or to fly independently without a pilot.

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