Alenia Aermacchi Pitches New MC-27J Multi-Mission Airlifter to Gulf Nation Customers

Posted on November 25, 2015 Jacob Luiz

Italian defense contractor Alenia Aermacchi is pitching their new MC-27J multi-mission airlifter-gunship hybrid aircraft to various Gulf nations.

Many countries in this area are behind the curve in terms of defense technology, and the Italian manufacturer is looking to pounce on the opportunity with a product that can take on modern threats. Two “mystery countries” are already in talks to buy this latest model of aircraft - company spokesman Marco Valerio Bonelli would not disclose which ones were in talks with them.

The MC-27J is a type of C-27J Spartan, modified for multi-mission purposes. It is not used as a bomber, but when deployed as a gunship it integrate Hellfire missiles and precision-guided munitions, as well as utilize an optionally equipped 30mm gun. This type of firepower would be ideal for certain Gulf countries, according to Alenia.

"Sending a fighter is crazy in this type of environment,"  said. "You spend a lot of money to drop two bombs and you never know if you get the target or not. With this aircraft, you have the persistence of hours."

Countries with a limited budget would think it makes more sense to allocate their budget towards this type of aircraft, rather than the big boppers. For countries like the United States, spending big money on big bombers is sometimes an afterthought because they can afford to do it. Smaller countries, however, have to find the hidden value in affordable aircraft that may not provide the big explosions.

Think of the MC-27J as an underrated utility player who will bring the Gulf countries value with efficiency and grit. It can get its job done in an effective manner.

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