GE Aviation and NASA’s Super Plane, A Perfect Fit

NASA’s super plan is being referred to as “X-plane” or “experimental supersonic”.  This plane will be able to move passengers 2 times faster than the speed of sound, Mach 2.04. Back in 2003, super planes have been taken out of service. The last super plane serviced was the Concorde. These new super planes will allow traveling across the Atlantic Ocean duration times to be cut in half, compared to original conventional jets.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. was awarded $20 million over 17 months to complete the first designs for “Quiet Supersonic Technology”. This technology reduces the loud booming noise that is associated with supersonic flight.  A soft thump will be the new “heartbeat” of these “X-planes”

NASA states that the design and build will take several years to complete a demonstration aircraft with the $20 million award. Lockheed and a few subcontractors from GE Aviation will work closely together to ensure that the demonstration plane will be built around GE Aviation engines, with flight testing to begin in 2020.

Charles Bolden, NASA administrator believes that “NASA is working hard to make flight greener, safer, and quieter - all while developing aircraft and travel faster”. He hopes with the cooperation of both Lockheed and GE Aviation team create an aviation system that will help operate more efficiently.


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