UK Seeks Out Maximized Comfort For Passenger Results In Making Digital Pill

The United Kingdom’s Government has placed a patent on a digital pill that will has been created to read biometrics in the human body. Developed for airlines to be able to tend to their passengers by all means possible to enhance their flying experience with them. The Patent that would be able to read patterns, temperature, and heart rate was patented by British Airways, one of the UKs largest airlines. The airlines believe that,” this patent is aiming to improve the travel experiences of their passengers by adjusting their services based on real time data collected by the ingested sensor.”

These airlines would be able to read their passengers status upon midflight to pin point what each passenger “physiological status.” The Airlines would have prior knowledge to the passengers needs and be able to” manage each passenger’s sleep time, meals, and in-flight entertainment as well as adjust lighting conditions, seat position, and air conditioning through an app accessible to both passenger and cabin crew.”

Although some might disagree on the digestible pill being a great innovation it can lead to further research in other fields.

A system that facilitates greater efficiencies within the aircraft travel environment and enables improved control and personalization of the passenger’s travel environment, in particular for enhanced passenger wellness and well being when flying.

This digestive pill is not the first of its kind coming from a similar pill coming that was created by MIT. This pill created by MIT has been a little more equipped with sensors to be able to read temperature and can detect the sounds to detect heart rate. The sensors are then transmitted to a wireless receiver that can be read on further displays.

The ultimate goal is for
These devices may not only help people get better experiences from their flights, but it could also give doctors better insights on how to best treat a disease that’s much more tailored to a particular patient seeking treatment.

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