Bombardier Forecasts 9,000 Jet Sales by 2024

Bombardier Aerospace is projecting to sell 9,000 light, medium and large business jets over the next 10 years, valuing at $267 billion. Their forecast is based on the expansion of economic activity, globalization of trade, growth in the world’s developing markets, new aircraft programs, aircraft retirements and alternatives to full aircraft ownership, fractional ownership, card programs, and charter.

Demand is also expected to be divided amongst high wealth individuals, publically traded companies, and for profit aircraft operators. The forecast predicts that 3,400 light jets with a total value of $39 billion over 10 years will increase in growth by approximately 2.4% per year. Medium jets are planned to have 3,100 units sold, valued at $91 billion with a growth of 3.8%. Bombardier looks to have their large jets growth as the largest with a forecast of 2,500 units sold, valued at $137 billion. In addition, the large jet fleet is expected to increase from 1,620 jets in 2014 to 4,070 by 2024, warranting a growth of 9.6%.

Light jet and medium jet fleets are predicted to increase by about the same growth rate of 2.4% with light jet quantities increasing from 8,770 to 11,085 and medium jet quantities from 5,345 to 7,755. Bombardier Aerospace is the aerospace division of the multinational aerospace and transportation company Bombardier Inc. Founded in 1986 after Bombardier acquired Canadair, the company is currently headquartered in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.

The company stands as one of the largest aircraft manufacturers as they compete with Brazilian rival Embraer along with Boeing and Airbus. With over 30,000 employees worldwide, Bombardier Aerospace has met yearly revenues of over $9.4 billon. Bombardier Aerospace produces 6 types of aircraft along with concept projects. Their 6 aircraft models include business jets, the Bombardier Global family, commercial jets, turboprops, military aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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