Lockheed Martin Awarded Funds to Expand GPS III Constellation

Lockheed Martin, a leader in aerospace technology systems has just been awarded funds for a contract to design two new satellites for the United States Air Force. These will be the 9th and 10th Global Positioning System III satellites in the GPS III constellation. The $395 million endowment will fund the entire production of the two space vehicles, as well as the manufacturing of long-lead parts.

These modern satellites equipped with new technologies are planned to work more efficiently than any other satellites in orbit today. They are expected to last approximately 15 more years that average space crafts. They are also manufactured to have 3 times the accuracy and deliver anti-jamming capabilities up to 8 times better than current models. The L1C civil signal incorporated in the new GPS III will allow it to be shared with other international Global Navigation Satellite Systems in orbit, the first in its class with this ability.

The other 8 GPS III satellites have already been contracted at other Lockheed Martin’s Processing Facilities in the country. The GPS III V01 is down to its final testing. The second satellite, GPS III V02 is awaiting final installations. The rest of Lockheed Martin’s Navigation Systems satellites are still in the process of construction.

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