NASA officially delays its next mission to Mars until 2018

NASA has a big project of launching an aircraft to Mars this month, but that was put on hold because they found a leak in one of the aircraft instruments. So now they next mission is supposed to be pushed towards May of 2018 which would be sending an aircraft to the Red Planet. They are still 100% sure if they will be sending the aircraft but that’s what NASA is currently aiming for their next project of launching an aircraft to Mars. They plan on sending an aircraft to Mars to study the planets interior and learn more about how the rocky world formed. The project was on track to being launched but everything came to halt in December when a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory discovered a problem in one of the landers two main instruments.

The instrument was designed to measure quakes on Mars and also extremely tiny ground movements but it was said that the leaks were big enough that they would prevent NASA from accomplishing the mission. So now the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is taking over the vacuum failure to redesign it and construct the failed vacuum. NASA has concluded with saying that it will not delay the agency’s next mission to Mars in 2020.


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