NASA Preparing for 2020 Launch of Their Next Mars Rover

NASA being in the frontier of astrophysics is always working on developing better ways to discover the history of our galaxy and the universe. The next project NASA is working on is going to be the Mars 2020 rover, it’s going to be a more developed and better engineered rover and expected to launch in 2021. The rover will be designed to investigate the environment on Mars and possibly collect Martian soil and rocks that may show evidence for an ancient life on Mars. More importantly; this mission is going to mark the first of many missions to Mars because the scientists are looking to find ways to bring soil and rocks back to earth. The Mars 2020 rover is going to mark a significant milestone in NASA’s journey to discovering the cosmos.

The Mars 2020 rover will include new scientific instruments that will aid in exploring the red planet. For example, the new rover will carry entirely new subsystems to collect soil and rocks that will be placed in tubes and then deposited at a secure location for returning to earth on future missions. Not to mention the technological advances on the camera systems and the parachute system for when the rover lands on Mars. Microphones are another tool that can provide useful information to the engineers; microphones have traveled to the red planet on previous rover missions but never have been used on the surface of the red planet. This will be a great chance for the people to be able to hear the sounds of Mars for the first time.

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