NASA Working On ATC Aircraft Ground Datalink

Chad Trautvetter wrote an article on May 5th 2016 on AIN Online talking about NASA and how it is working on its ATC Aircraft Ground Datalink. Engineers from the NASA Glenn Research Center in Ohio NASA are working on an FAA Bombardier Global 5000 plane. NASA was working on a wireless communication system for the aircraft while it was on the ground. This project was coined the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications Systems (or AeroMacs for short). This demonstration took place at the NASA Glenn communication, navigation, and surveillance test facility.

Here is what Paul Nelson, the Glenn’s project manager for Cyber Security and Secure CNS, has to say about this project.

“This was the first time we provided this type of information to an airplane over a ground wireless network.”

The demonstration yielded results that showed that the aircraft could be able to transmit aviation information while the plane was taxing at a speed of 70 mph on the runway located at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. In order to transmit this data, there was FAA technology that was complete.

Here is what NASA has to say about the project.

“Together, AAtS and AeroMacs will improve situational awareness and reduce the potential for human error by giving pilots access to the information they need to make decisions. The trials consisted of three test cases designed to evaluate performance of both the AAtS and AeroMacs technologies. We demonstrated that AeroMacs can simultaneously transport multiple services seamlessly.”

NASA, also known as National Aeronautics and Space Administration, was formed on July in 1958. Now it currently has over 17,000 employees.


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